FAB Bank Balance Check Online – Salary Enquiry

How to check fab salary balance online using a bank card. If you are an employee in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). now you received your salary on your prepaid card. 

So, you are a fab bank user and you have a ratibi salary card. But you don’t know how to check fab bank balance online. Or you can’t check your salary don’t worry, 

Here we will discuss everything about fab bank balance check.

You don’t need to visit the bank branch while you can enquiry Fab bank balance while staying at room or home. 

If you own an F A B Salary Account or Ratibi salary card. Don’t worry, you can also check your salary while still staying in your room. No need to visit the branch every month to check your FAB bank salary. 

FAB Bank Balance Check

So let’s start checking your FAB bank balance online. 

Note: you can check your balance or salary only using your mobile and bank card. Most of my website’s visitors use mobile phones. That’s why we mention you can check it by mobile phone. 

Fab Salary Check 

You have some options to check your fab bank balance. Now we are using their official website to check balance or salary. So let’s begin by just following simple steps. 

Step 1. Visit their official website by following the link ( go to website )  

fab bank balance check

That’s said, now you can be able to check your fab bank balance or salary.

Fab Bank Balance Check Online 

Okay, if you want to check Fab bank balance online using a mobile banking app. You can check it, the First Abu Dhabi Bank (FAB) mobile banking application app is available on Google Play store & app store. You can download it easily. 

  1. First step download the Fab Banking mobile app. 
  2. Login with your user and password. If you don’t have an account you can create or register it easily. 
  3. And please verify your account (mobile number, email address, documents etc). 
  4. After completing your verification and login, you can see your balance on your app home screen.

Fab Balance Enquiry Customer Care 

You can also enquiry about Fab bank balance by calling customer care services. And you can contact by WhatsApp on this number: +1 (704) 771-0476

Check out below all FAB customer care.( personal banking, private, business, elite, ratibi, payit etc).

fab bank customer care number
fab bank customer care number

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FAB ATM Balance Check

How to check fab bank balance offline by using atm. First visit your nearest fab bank atm or branches. 

  1. Insert your bank card at the atm 
  2. Enter your PIN number 
  3. Click on the balance enquiry button / balance check button 
  4. Now you will be able to see your current account amount.

FAB Bank Salary Account Balance Check

Fab bank salary account balance check is the same to same process mentioned above. But I will write again only for fab salary account holders. If you have a fab salary account you can check it by following the simple steps. Check out below:

Steps In Details
Number 1 Visit The Site
Number 2 Enter Your Bank Card Number Last 2 Digits
Number 3 Type Your Card ID Number
Number 4 Click On The (Go) Button

How to Open F A B Bank Account 

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How to open a F A B Bank account. You can open your personal bank account, savings account, and company business account. You have a few options for account opening. 

  1. Visit any nearest bank branch and fill up the bank opening application form and provide all necessary documents. 
  2. Open bank accounts by using their mobile banking application app.
  3. The third one is used by their official website. 
  4. Directly call the customer care number. They will help you to open a bank account. 

Requirements of Fab Bank Opening 

When you open a bank account. That time you need to follow some requirements. Like 

  1. Valid passport copy 
  2. Valid residency visa copy 
  3. Valid Emirates id copy
  4. Salary certificate 
  5. Approval labour contract 
  6. Company license ( business accounts) 
  7. License partnership agreement 
  8. Tenancy contract 
  9. Partner emirates id , passport copy & visa copy. 
  10. Bank opening application form etc. 

How to Activate a Fab Ratibi Card Online?

When you complete your bank account opening. Then you need to activate your bank card. You can activate your bank card online using their mobile banking app. So let’s activate your fab card online. 

Download App: 

The first step download the F A B mobile banking app. The app is available on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store. You can download it easily. 

Login Accounts: 

If you have an account then just log in with the user and password. Or if you don’t have an account you need to register the bank account.

Bank Card Details:

Type your Debit Card details and verify your mobile number & email address. And follow the instruction on your mobile screen.

How to Change F A B Mobile Number

If you lose your SIM card or damage or change your mobile number. You no longer have that number through which you could open a fab bank account.

So, that’s why you want to change your phone number. Is it possible? Yes, you can change your mobile number as you need. 

Step 1. Open the mobile banking app and login with a user password. 

Step 2. Go to the home page and click on the menu button ( you can find menu button top right side)

Step 3. Now click on ” Edit Profile” 

Step 4. And select on the “ Personal Details” tap 

Step 5. You can see “Edit Mobile Number” & enter your new number and lastly confirm & verify your number. 

Similarly you can change or update your email address. Just change “Edit Email Address”, type your new email address and confirm & verify the email. 

And also you can update your passport copy / visa copy or emirates id copy in your bank records. 

How to Change FAB Debit Card PIN

If you forget the First Abu Dhabi Bank debit card pin or you want to change the fab debit card pin. You can directly contact their customer care services center or visit their official branches. They will guide you on how to change your debit card pin. 

And also you could be change PIN number by using mobile banking app.

FAB Bank Credit Card 

First Abu Dhabi Bank provides various kinds of credit cards. You can check out the official website to visit Credit Cards. But remember you need to follow their terms & conditions and requirements.

Fab credit card minimum salary 

If your salary is at least 5000.00 AED, then you can apply for credit. The First Abu Dhabi Bank credit card minimum salary is 5000 to 50,000 AED.  

How to apply for credit card 

If you want to apply for a credit card. You can use their mobile banking app and Bankfab website. Or you can also apply directly to visit their branches. 

Annual fee 

Some credit cards have no annual fee. And some credit cards have annual fees of up to 2500 AED. when you apply for credit that time read carefully their terms conditions & rules.

Fab Atm Balance Check (Deposit, Withdraw)

How to pay credit card bills

You have some options. You can pay your credit card bills by directly visiting their branches, using an ATM machine, and online mobile banking or website. As your wish, you can choose anyone. 

How can I cancel my credit card?

How to cancel your credit card? First, pay your previous or balance payment. And then contract their customer care number. They will help you take the next step. Or visiting banks or branches. 

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Consultation: FAB Bank Balance Check is an easy process for everyone. You can check it only using your bank card and website. Just following the above-mentioned.

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