Lulu Salary Card Balance Check Online 

Lulu salary card balance check process is easy. Everyone can check Lulu salary balance just by following a simple few steps. So let’s start without delay 

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What is the LuLu Exchange salary card?

The LuLu Exchange salary card is a payroll card like a bank debit card for employees. Lulu exchange salary cards are also known as My Pay My Cards.

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Lulu Exchange Salary Check App Registration

If you own a Lulu salary card then you need to register for the Lulu Exchange mobile app. Because every month you need to check salary arrives or not. 

If you don’t know how to register the Lulu exchange app. Follow the instructions below:-  

First step download the Lulu exchange mobile application app. The app is available on the Google Play Store and app store. You can easily access this app. 

Click on the signup option because you are a new app user. First, allow the location option. Now enter your email address and mobile number ( please type your email address & phone number valid and accurate because you need to verify them ). 

Now you will get a verification message from Lulu exchange 5-digit verification code. After completing mobile number verification then you will get another message in your mail. Now you need to verify your email address. That’s said. 

The last option is to set up your PIN, also have set up fingerprint options. 

Lulu Salary Check Through Website 

Okay, now we are to the main topic how to check Lulu exchange salary card balance. In this method, we are using an exchange website. So let’s begin

Step 1. Visiting Official Website

The first step go to the Lulu Exchange official website, you can search any browser or visit following the link. 

Step 2. Login With Username And Password 

I hope you have Lulu exchange username and password. Or if you don’t have please first complete the registration already above mention complete process. If you have user and password then login with username & password. 

Step 3. Lulu Balance Check

Now find out “My Card” options or something similar option then click on my card. Now you will be able to see your lulu salary card balance. 

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Lulu Exchange Salary Card Balance Check Through App 

Lulu salary check another method is using the exchange mobile banking app. You just need to follow simple steps. 

Step 1. Access The Lulu Exchange Mobile App. 

First, download the Lulu Exchange mobile banking application app and install the app. ( you can find it easily on the Play Store and App Store). 

Step 2. Complete The Registration 

You can choose the language English or Arabic. Then click on the sign up option now enter your valid email address and mobile number. Click on the Get started button.  

Verify your email address and mobile number after setting up PIN number ( please remember the pin you need this pin when logging into the app ). 

Step 3. Lulu Salary Check 

After completing the registration the app then login with your email and mobile number. Go to the menu bar and find out “MY CARD” click on the My Card option then you can see the Lulu salary card balance. 

This method is very easy and helpful because we have smartphones in our hands any time any where we can check our Lulu salary card balance. Also, you can check Lulu exchange money transfer rate using the mobile app and pay your bills and transfer money. 

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Lulu Salary Card Balance Check Visit The Branch 

Sounds cool! now we will know another method to check Lulu balance in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). 

Now you need to visit the nearest Lulu exchange branches. And tell them you want to check your Lulu salary card balance and also provide the necessary information. They should tell you the salary card balance. 

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My Pay My Card Benefits

If you are using Lulu salary card or My Pay My Card. You will get so many benefits check out below:-

1. My pay my card as a debit card

2. Partnership with Abu Dhabi National Bank

3. Users make transactions without a bank

4. Easy and instant access to cash through atm 

5. Online shopping ( retail stores, restaurants, pharmacies, groceries, convenience stores) 

6. Fully compliant with the rules and regulations of the Ministry of Labour and the Central Bank of UAE.

7. Debit card with MasterCard logo that can be used at any international ATM.

8. Use the Lulu Money app to check transaction history, set usage limits, reset pins, manage accounts, and block and replace cards.

9. Send money instantly anytime, anywhere using the Lulu money transfer app.

10. Withdraw cash from all Luly Exchange branches, Emirates NBD, Emirates Islamic Bank, and Mashreq Bank ATMs in the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

How to Check Lulu Salary Card Balance?

How to check Lulu salary card balance online? You have some options to check your my pay my card balance through the website, lulu money app, visiting branches, and sms banking. We are already in mentions the process of checking your salary card balance in the United Arab Emirates. 

Know your bank balance and secure finance. If you have any quires or suggestions, feel free to message us. We will reply as soon as possible. 

Have a nice day! 

Thanks for Reading. 


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