How to Change Mobile Number in FAB Ratibi Card

Hello everyone, If you lost your mobile number or changed your SIM card number. That’s why now you want to change your mobile number in the FAB Ratibi Card

But you don’t know how to change your mobile number in FAB. Don’t worry, you are the right place to learn mobile number changing in bank accounts. So let’s start

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How to Change Mobile Number in Fab Ratibi card 

Okay, just follow a few simple steps. You can change your Ratibi card mobile number online. Check out below: –

Change Mobile Number in FAB Ratibi Card

Download the app 

First step: download the FAB mobile banking application app. The app is available on the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store. 


If you are a new user then you need to register the account. You need to create a new account with verify mobile number and email address and provide necessary documents etc. 

Or if you are already a Fab Bank user, you have a username and password. Then you need to only login to your account. 


Successfully login to your bank account. Click on the menu button ( You can find it in the top corner of your Home Screen ) 

Find change mobile number 

Changing your mobile number or editing your phone number is possible. Now find out to change the mobile number option or edit the phone number options. Then type your new phone number and please enter your number correctly. 

Verify the new number 

Verifying the new mobile number may be required by the app to ensure its accuracy and ownership may be required by the app. Complete the verification process by following the instructions within the app. You will get one confirmation message & verify your number. 

And now complete your mobile number change in fab ratibi card. 

How to Change Mobile Number in FAB Bank 

Using website 

We have already written above change mobile number in fab ratibi card using fab mobile banking app. Now we are using the Bankfab website. So let’s start 

Online banking: visit any browser you can use phone, tablet, pc, or laptop, and search bankfab. Go to this website and log in with your username & password. If you forget your username and password, you can recover it or if you are a new user then create a new username & password. 

Services Options: After successfully login go to the services options. Then click on the “other services”. Now you can see the “update mobile number” options. 

Type & verify number: first click on the Update mobile number and enter your new phone number and verify the number. Then the number changed automatically. 

How to Update Emirates ID in Fab Bank

How to update your Emirates ID in First Abu Dhabi Bank (FAB)? Visit the FAB mobile banking application app or their official website Login with a username and password or the UAE pass app.

Mobile App:

After successful login, then go to the home screen, go to the menu option, then click on the “Edit Profile”.

Now you will be able to see the Documents option. Click on the Documents Tab then upload your new Emirates ID.

The simple process to upload your new Emirates ID.

How to Update or change the email address in Fab Bank 

The same to same process is to change email addresses and mobile numbers in Fab Bank. Just only different mobile number & email address. That’s said! 

You can follow above mentions steps to change your email address in First Abu Dhabi Bank. 

How to update or change your passport details or visa details in the First Abu Dhabi Bank. you have two options to update your personal details in your bank accounts. 

Mobile Banking: the first step is to open the Bank Fab mobile app. 

  1. Login with username & password, fingerprint, or other option.  
  2. Successfully login Fab Bank app then go menu button (The menu button to the corner of your home screen). 
  3. Now click on the “Edit Profile” options
  4. then choose on “Documents Button” tab
  5. And click on “Add New Documents” 
  6. Now upload your new passport copy ( please upload a clear passport copy) 
  7. Same to the same process for visa details changing or updating. 

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Reason to change mobile number 

Why did you change your mobile number at First Abu Dhabi Bank (fab)? When you lose your sim card or switch sim card company providers like Etisalat to du, du to five others. 

FAB Customer care WhatsApp number

Suppose you need any help from fab customer care. You can contract with their WhatsApp number, and also contract with them directly by call or emailing. 

Fab customer care WhatsApp is +1 (704) 771-0476

When changing a mobile number, are there any fees involved?

There are no fees involved for changing mobile numbers on a Fab Ratibi card. You can change it easily by following the above-mentioned steps. 

Fab Ratibi Card: How long does it take to update the mobile numbers?

How long does it take to update the mobile numbers in Fab Bank? Most of the time no need to update time. Just wait for a few minutes or hours then automatically update your mobile numbers.

Can I open zero balance account in UAE?

Yes, you can open a zero-balance account in the United Arab Emirates. 

  1. FAB iSave Account
  2. RAKBANK fast saver account
  3. ADIB Smart Banking Account
  4. Emirates NBD Liv Account
  5. HSBC Esaver Account
  6. Emirates NBD Liv Account


Fab Ratibi salary card mobile numbers can be changed easily by following the steps above. If you need more information or have any queries message us, and we will reply as soon as possible. 

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