Rpay Balance Enquiry – Al Rostamani Salary Card Balance Check

Rapy Balance Enquiry online process is easy and time-saving. Al Rostamani Salary card as known as rapy payrol card. If you own a al rostamani salary card or rapay salary card. But you don’t know how to enquiry rapy balance?

Don’t worry, we will discuss in this blog post everything about Al Rostamani salary card balance check online enquiry.

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So, lets begin

Rpay Balance Enquiry Online

Okay, we are checking rapay salary card balance using Al Rostamani International Exchange mobile app. Just you need to follow the simple few steps.

The first step is to install the Al Rostamani International Exchange mobile banking application app. You can download it easily because this app is available on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store. After completing the app downloading then install the app.

Al Rostamani Salary Card Balance Check

Okay, if you have an account then you need to log in only. Or if you don’t have an account first create a user with your rpay salary card details. And please verify the account with your email address and mobile number.

After completing the login go to the menu button. And click on the balance check option. Type your rapy salary bank card details ( please enter correctly debit card information. Otherwise, you can’t see your rapy balance). Now you will be able to see your real-time current salary card balance.

rpay balance check

Sounds cool, you can check your recent bank transaction history. Where to use your debit card. How much you spend you can check everything.

Al Rostamani International Exchange Customer Number

If you forget your salary card pin number or any other problem like salary card block, card not working, payment not received, etc. you can contact with directly mobile and by email .

al rostamani international exchange customer care number 600540004 ( inside the UAE).
And outside country or international number 009714 4543203.

Rpay Salary Card Benefits

If you have rpay salary card you will get benefits from Al Rostamani International Exchange.

rpay salary card balance check
  • Withdraw your salary by visiting Al Rostamani International Exchange, First Abu Dhabi Bank ( FAB), RakBank, Emirates NBD, and Emirates Islamic Bank ATM machine.
  • They give one payroll card, you can use this salary card as a debit card.
  • No need to create any bank account.
  • No minimum amount is charged monthly.
  • When your salary has arrived you will get a message from Al Rostamani International Exchange.
  • Rapy salary cards are used for online shopping, super market shopping.
  • Get free personal accident insurance.
  • Security: Al Rostamani International Exchange is the safest exchange for your money and your personal information.
  • Easy use: no need to visit atm, branches, or exchange you can check your salary using only a mobile phone.

FAQs for Rpay Payroll Card

What is an Rpay Payroll Card?

Rpay payroll card is a WPS customized salary system in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). The company provided employee salaries using rapy payroll card system. This rapy payroll card is managed by Al Rostamani International Exchange.

Similarly you can use Fab Ratibi Salary Card, LuLu Exchange Salary card (MY PAY MY CARD), Al Ansari Salary Card ( PAY PLUS ).

Can I get an Rpay card statement?

Yes. you can get a rpay bank card statement. If you need a bank statement visit Al Rostamani International Exchange. And tell them they will give you a bank statement. Also, you can download by mobile banking application app.

Are there any charges for Rpay Balance Enquiry?

No, there are no charges for rapy balance enquiry. You can enquiry Rpay balance online using mobile banking application app. And visiting the Al Rostamani International Exchange.

How do I check my payroll card balance?

How do you check your payroll card balance? You have some options to check your payroll card balance online or offline. The salary card balance inquiry online options using their official website and mobile app. And offline options are visiting their bank branch, ATM, and their exchange, etc.
If you have a FAB Ratibi salary card you can check your balance using this website Prepaid Card Enquiry.
It is almost the same as the balance checks on Lulu exchange salary cards, Al Ansariy salary cards, and other payroll cards.

Can you withdraw money from a payroll card?

Yes. you can withdraw money from a payroll card. If you have a payroll card (Ratibi, Lulu exchange card, Al Ansari salary card, Rpay, etc). You can withdraw money from their ATM machine or visit branches.

Can I check my bank balance without my card?

Can I check my bank balance without my card? Yes, you can check your bank account balance without a bank card. Every official bank company has their mobile banking app. You can check your bank balance with the mobile banking app just need to log in with your username and password.

Consultation: Rpay balance enquiry online using the Al Rostamani International Exchange mobile app is a very easy method. Every one can check their rpay salanry card balance just need to download the app & install it. Then login with user password or emirates id number. After going to the setting option and finding out the balance check. Then you will be able to see your rpay balance.

If you have any questions or suggestions you can comment us below. We will respond as soon as possible.

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